Why do we have a parent carer panel? 

We're making a group for parents and carers to help families with lyoung children, from when they're just a tiny seed until they're two years old. This group is a big part of our Family Hubs and Start for Life programme. We want people from all over Walsall to join, so we have lots of different ideas and experiences to help shape our services. This group will help us make sure the information and services we give to new parents are just right. If you want to help families and and our young children, or know someone who does, please think about joining our group.

The Panel will guide services in Walsall to make sure the Start for Life information we share is easy to understand and useful. They'll look at the services on offer to parents who are expecting and those with new babies, and help us decide the best way to plan and pay for these services. When we're thinking about new services, the panel will help us design and choose them. They'll have a big say in how we make decisions at the Family Hubs

The Panel will get together four times a year, and you can join these meetings in person or online. We'll make sure you have everything you need, like translation services, a place for your infants to play, and we'll cover your travel costs too. The Panel will also talk to other groups to share ideas and work on projects that help families from the very start. You can share your thoughts in many ways: by coming to meetings, chatting online, giving feedback on the web, making phone calls, visiting services secretly to see how they're doing, or joining group discussions. It's all about making things better for families in Walsall

Our plan is that all Family Hubs and partner services within the Best Start For Life 1,001 Critical Days will be designed, evaluated developed and improved by the Parent and Carer Panel. Working together with the Family Hubs and our partners (NHS, Nurseries, GPs, Voluntary and Community providers, for example) the Parent Carer Panel will ensure that services, and public spaces, are right for parents, carers and our youngest children, making Walsall a great place to be born in, and a great place to live in during the First 1,001 Critical Days